icmInspector - quality control, reviews, audits, field service, 5S, EHS, HACCP, ISO
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A comprehensive modular system for digitizing and automating the processes of quality control, infrastructure maintenance, service and audits



Improvment of quality in the organization

Minimalization of operating costs

Increase the efficiency of employees

Eliminate errors, abuses and fraud

Planning in real time

Reduction of data analysis time

Automatic work scheduling

Online access to all data

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Why our system?

Scenarios building

  • 19 step types including: List Select, List Multiple, Text and Number Input, Photo and Video, Screen Caption, Date, Email, GPS, QR Code Scan and NFC Scan
  • validation of the answer
  • dependent questions
  • repetitive groups
  • scores
  • speech recognition
  • copying and versioning scenarios
  • no quantitative restrictions


  • scheduling scenarios for persons and objects
  • automatic planning of future events
  • recurring events
  • drawing work plans
  • monitoring the implementation of the work plan

Mobile application for Android devices

  • work on-line and off-line
  • employee task calendar
  • access to all assigned scenarios
  • stopping work
  • work history
  • the ability to work in many virtual organizations
  • cooperation with Bluetooth measuring devices (e.g. SYLVAC calipers)
  • taking pictures and recording video
  • speech recognition
  • NFC codes and GPS location for confirming the workplace

Web surveys

  • the ability to complete surveys via a web browser from desktop computers or mobile devices
  • camera support
  • filling in questionnaires without logging into the system
  • no quantitative restrictions

Agumented Reality devices

  • support for Augumented Reality devices
  • application for Google Glass EE2
  • app for RealWear HMT-1

Internet of Things module

  • support for IoT (internet of things) controllers. automatic collection of data from production devices in terms of stocks (0/1), values ​​(any numbers)
  • automatic data analysis and notifications about irregularities
  • automatic report wizard with the possibility of sending e-mails
  • BacNET communication
  • large pool of sensors and measuring devices


  • automatic creation of reports (HTML, PDF) with GPS maps, photos and recordings. summary reports (HTML, PDF). analytical reports with charts (HTML, PDF)
  • data tables (CSV)
  • notifications about data collection (e-mail, SMS)
  • notifications about the failure to implement an action (e-mail, SMS)
  • automatic distribution of reports by own schedules
  • own reports (wizard)
  • work reports (subject, places and working time)


  • built-in analytical and tabular reports
  • managerial dashboard
  • bar, pie and line charts
  • summary reports with the auto dispatch wizard
  • alarm module with e-mail and SMS notifications


  • wizard of any alarms and notification scenarios of irregularities
  • automatic email and SMS notifications without having to view all reports
  • setting up and commenting on events and detected alarms
  • history of corrective and corrective actions
  • configurable no-action reminders for detected irregularities

Simple price list, no hidden fees

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1 GB data per user (2)
no installation costs
no upgrade costs
help-desk on-line
for one user per month (1)
no data limit
installation fee (3)
upgrade fee (4)
help-desk on-line
from 26 eur
for one user per month (1)

(1) The prices quoted are net prices. the prices quoted refer to a subscription for 3 months payable in advance.
(2) Each additional 1GB of data costs 1.50 EUR net per month.
(3) The cost of remote installation and configuration of the system in the Client's resources is 750,00 EUR net.
(4) The cost of remote installation of system updates in the Client's resources is 125.00 EUR net.


Provide us with your details and any comments. We will contact you regarding the details of the order.



The 5 WHY method

The 5 WHY method

The 5 WHY method is one of the methods to detect the causes of problems. This is the principle we use to determine the root cause of the problem. Asking a few "Why?" questions allows you to get to the source of the disruption, thoroughly investigate the cause, and focus on solving it effectively.

New version of the system

New version of the system

The new version of icmInspector introduces more than 20 changes and corrections to the previous functionalities. We have introduced new types of questions and tools for increasing the reliability of inspections using NFC cards for employees. We are constantly trying to make every quality control and inspection performed with icmInpector faster and more accurate.

RPA in Quality Control?

RPA in Quality Control?

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a set of ICT solutions enabling the automation of, among others, repetitive business processes. The group of such tools includes physical robots performing repetitive activities (e.g. in production, storage), but also applications and modules that automate repetitive tasks based on known rules, which were previously performed manually by a human, system user or process actor.

How does icmInspector protect us against the effects of COVID-19?

How does icmInspector protect us against the effects of COVID-19?

Every company has been affected in some way by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each company also began to take measures to minimize the threats that began to appear as a result of COVID-19. The icmInspector system is a tool that, in certain areas, perfectly helps us protect ourselves against certain threats, and more precisely with the effects of sudden and temporary absences of employees from the company.

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