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How does a mobile application help in control processes?

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Who is involved in the audit?

Despite people's involvement in this process, there may be a sense that the traditional paper control form has some imperfections.

What are customers’ main complaints when it comes to control?

Mobile application - the key to success

An alternative to traditional, paper-based controls is the use of a mobile application.
How is mobile application better than the current form of control?

Mobile application will streamline and accelerate the process of data collection and analysis, which are the basis for efficient and effective decision making based on real data shown in transparent reports.
Minimizing errors resulting from poorly performed controls brings real benefits in many areas of the company. The mobile application is not only a modern tool that will replace a pen and a sheet of paper, it is above all a tool that supports the company in carrying out effective controls, in carrying out analysis and taking further actions.



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