How to? - Automatic analysis of quality control results.

How to? - Automatic analysis of quality control results.


Carrying out even the best quality controls on products is only half the battle. The other half is the analysis of these results and the introduction of actions as a result of this analysis. The faster we analyze the collected data, the sooner the corrective actions will start. In this post we present how to use icmInspector system to build scenarios for the automatic analysis of quality control results and how to manage activities resulting from detected irregularities.

Step 1 - Alarms

Alarms module is a tool for building automatic scenarios for detecting irregularities and for triggering notification of relevant persons. An alarm is a set of conditions and actions that icmInspector will perform automatically. When data on subsequent control results reaches icmInspector server, the system checks each of the results and verifies whether a special set of actions has been prepared for it in the Alarms model. If any of the results meets the parameters set in the Alarm, the system automatically launches the action of notifying the indicated persons about this fact and registers alarm occurrences in Alarm History section (module described in step 2). This functionality, first of all, limits the maximum time of people supervising the quality control process to practically zero because all activities happen automatically. The alarms module ensures that a different notification scenario can be prepared for each control scenario and for each alarming control result. Especially in the period when a lot of people work in the Home Office mode and may not have access to paper results of the controls carried out, such a solution is simply perfect. All current alarm occurrences are presented to managers in the Dashboard module, which presents online the course of the entire current day and the last 2 hours of the previous day. On one screen we see everything that happens in our quality control processes.

Step 2 - Alarm history and status.

As we described earlier, each alarm is recorded in Alarm history section. For each of them we can add our individual status and notes. Thanks to these functions, we can transparently and synthetically register all actions taken after an alarm occurred. The system remembers individual status changes and the note added history.

icmInspector system is a tool that we can use at every stage of the quality control process, starting with building quality control scenarios and ending with automatic detection of these irregularities.

In our next entries we will present the automatic functions of the presentation of data collected during control processes in the results analysis format and results matrix.



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