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How much can you save by implementing icmInspector?

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icmInspector system introduces automation in many elements of processes that are implemented in every organization. The following table presents a comparison of the time of implementation of individual elements in the variant of work with paper documents and with icmInspector tool.

Element of the process Paper documentation Work with icmInspector
 Access to the results of the check after completion?
(digitization 15 minutes + distribution of materials 5 minutes)
20 min 0 min
Analysis of results 15 min 0 min
Notification of irregularities 15 min  0 min
The whole process from inspection to notification of irregularities
(inspection - 15 minutes, digitization of results, distribution of results, analysis of results, notification of irregularities)
 1 h 5 min  15 min
Change time of control scenario
(development of a new template, printing and distribution of new documentation, training)
4 h 0 min  1 min 

If we assume very minimalistically that in our organization we carry out 3 checks per day, work 20 days a month and during 3 months we carry out 1 change in the procedure monthly, we get the following summary results for a period of 3 months (1 quarter).

Paper documentation Work with icmInspector
207 h 15 h 3 min

So, what savings in working time will we achieve with assumptions above?

Savings in minutes? -11517
Savings in hours? -192
Savings in percentage? -73%


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New version of the system

New version of the system

The new version of icmInspector introduces more than 20 changes and corrections to the previous functionalities. We have introduced new types of questions and tools for increasing the reliability of inspections using NFC cards for employees. We are constantly trying to make every quality control and inspection performed with icmInpector faster and more accurate.

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How to? - Automatic analysis of quality control results.

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